In the past, I had wanted to take discipleship training classes, but mostly because of the distance to and from class and the time commitment it was hard for me to 선뜻 sign-up. But as things changed and the distance did not become an issue, I was thinking ‘yes! finally~ sign me up J’ and signed up to take the class this time around. Something just urged me to sign up and take the class. I believe I was really thirsty for something more. Through discipleship training, I learned a lot. Simply stated, discipleship training helped me to learn and apply how to become a true follower of Christ and not just stay at the level of fandom. But it was much more than that. It was spiritual training and renewal that helped me to develop a more intimate relationship with God. Through studying the Word and reading the book by Kyle Idleman, I was able to diagnose what my actual state of faith was and where I was spiritually. On the outside, I had felt my personal relationship with God was fine, but that 착각became exposed early on in the training and I was able to take steps each day to seek a healthy relationship with God. Reading the Bible and praying daily, as well as homework lessons and QT that we did helped me set out time with God and recover my first love and relationship with God. The lessons that were most memorable to me throughout the classes were the lessons on Jesus Christ’s death and resurrection. At some point I had become dull, but as we studied Christ’s sacrifice, immense pain, and unconditional love I was overwhelmed at God’s mercy and Christ’s sacrifice for me, a sinner. Even though all of this was undeserved, because of His grace and mercy…it touched me in a whole new way. The memory verse quizzes each week were such an amazing way to establish an arsenal to aid me throughout my daily life to live and overcome in God’s Word. I truly encourage others to sign up for discipleship training to help develop healthier relationship habits and to take that leap of faith towards developing a closer relationship to God. Even though the classes have come to an end, I hope to continue my daily walk with God and to live as an imitation of Christ throughout my everyday life, no matter where I am. I want to live as a true follower (not a fan) and pray that I will have the heart to seek God and the courage to obey Him. I will really miss our weekly classes and each of the members of the 14기 제자반! 주님안에서 더욱더 함께 성장하면서 나아갑시다~~! 다들 너무 수고하셨고 인도해주신 오목사님 정말 수고많으셨고 감사합니다^^